funny "hot" video

They look hot, young and single . . . but are they for real?

If you fall for their pouty-lipped, “I’m so hot and lonely act” – we’re here to help you brush up on your Malware 101.


We’ll help you and your digital devices resist the flirty allure of these “hot” schemes.


(Sorry to break it to you - but hot, lonely models aren’t creating these ads)


Don’t let bad links happen to you.


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For Parents

Lead a fun and engaging discussion with your children about links – using iKeepSafe’s “Hot, Young and Single” and “Average Male” video here.

For Educators

Help students recognize and protect themselves from spam and scams with the iKeepSafe learning module here.

For Employers

Teach employees to identify spam and scams to safeguard your company’s servers and finances with the iKeepSafe meeting plan here.

Click here to watch our Funny “Average Male” video.

Male Enhancement Photo


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