Don’t Let Bad Links Happen to You—Online Safety Resources for Parents, Teachers and Employers

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Online safety is top of mind for everyone these days. And with spam and link scams in this digital age, to click or not to click is now the ultimate question. That’s why iKeepSafe has partnered with Webroot Software to bring our Don’t Let Bad Links Happen to You PSAs and educational resources to you.

Parents, teachers and employers, use our videos and accompanied discussion topics, lesson plans and exercises to keep the important people in your lives safe—anywhere.

Don’t Let Bad Links Happen to You: Hot, Young and Single

Sure, they’re hot, young and single… but are they for real? If you fall for their pouty-lipped, exotic-accented “I’m so hot and sad” act, then you’ve come to the right place. (Sorry to break it to you, but lonely models aren’t creating these ads.) We’ll help you brush up on your Malware 101 so you and your digital devices resist the flirty allure of these phishing schemes.

Don’t Let Bad Links Happen to You: Average Male

This is the story of a how a single, innocent click of a mouse can change the way a mother looks at her son… forever. For some, the promise to “unlock the secret of male enhancement” entices to the point that it overrides all logic and respect for personal security. Don’t find out the hard way—use our online safety resources to ensure your data stays private and your reputation remains way above average.

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